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Big BAD Bird
Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, January 2001

1610580789776.png 1610580794381.png 1610580799181.png 1610580803746.png 1610580808206.png

Battle of All the Americans
Motor Trend, March 1996

1610580939169.png 1610580944784.png 1610580951979.png 1610581015184.png 1610581049084.png 1610579169089.png 1610579196686.png

Chevrolet Monte Carlo vs. Tbird LX V-8
Road & Track, October 1994

1610579218842.png 1610579226967.png 1610579234969.png 1610579243833.png 1610579250291.png

Ford Thunderbird SC
No info on the source

1610579457303.png 1610579462063.png 1610579475726.png 1610579481217.png 1610579486968.png

35th Anniversary
Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, September 1990

1610579555522.png 1610579562218.png 1610579567210.png 1610579573329.png

Scary Canary
Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, December 2000

1610579625456.png 1610579630055.png 1610579634158.png

Kenny Brown Supercharged 4.6L Bird
No info on the source
1610579709366.png 1610579714198.png

SWB Thunderbird
Car & Driver, August 1991

1610579768671.png 1610579775987.png

Ford Thunderbird Ad
No info on the source
1610579819464.png 1610579824883.png

SVT Thunderbird Prodution
No info on the source


Project Thunderbird
Motor Trend, November 1996


Final Flight
Super Ford, January 1998
1610579872764.png 1610579885762.png 1610579909883.png

Super Ford, January 1998

1610579941986.png 1610579946280.png

One Lamp of America
Car and Driver August 2001

1610579955427.png 1610579959949.png 1610579965016.png 1610579976087.png 1610579980023.png 1610579987134.png

Lateral Moves - Testing the Fleetfooted Tokico Thunderbird
Car Craft February 1993

1610580096855.png 1610580102356.png 1610580154757.png 1610580111384.png 1610580116455.png

Chevrolet Monte Carlo vs Ford Thunderbird LX
Motor Trend September 1996

1610580205470.png 1610580211376.png 1610580217468.png 1610580223734.png 1610580232130.png 1610580241850.png

Rich Brandl '87 T-Bird 4.6L, Alex Baynard '91 T-Bird, Mark Jones '94 T-Bird 4.6L DOHC
Hot Rod Magazine January 2002

1610580350943.png 1610580377204.png 1610580399899.png

John Jackson's 1989 Super Coupe
LowRider Magazine


Two Tons of Ford Fun
Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford
1610580567101.png 1610580570936.png 1610580574546.png 1610580578717.png 1610580582712.png 1610580586104.png 1610580590175.png

1994 New Cars
Car & Driver

1610580630998.png 1610580638007.png 1610580652879.png


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