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thunderbird on route 130

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saw a thunderbird tonite, we raced a lil, route 130 in pennsauken. u on these boards???
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description? there's quite a few of us in the area; and what part of route's kinda long road
well this guy would know we took em up to about 100 and i gave him a nod as he turned onto route 73

and is aid pennsauken
hey, you're the guy who meets up with the other club in cherry hill correct? you still meeting up there?

we (tstacc) should be getting together this sat, most likey at deptford mall around 7ish.

that wasn't me last night, just curious & trying to figure out who it might be, and if i know him.
yea tahts me

controlled insanity

except we dont meet at the cherry hill mall anymore, they kicked us out for "insurnace reasons". we now meet at the wawa on 38 in lumberton

yea ill go up to the deptford mall and meet up. i get off work at 7 so ill be a lil late. and then maybe some of u guys can come up sunday nite to meet with the other car club.
pm sent ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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