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Thunderbird SC Radiator Upgrade

Most people have to replace their radiator sooner or later because of corrosion
damage. Leaks between the core and the top/bottom plastic tanks are very
common. This particular radiator is 100% brass but in the later years Ford
began using plastic tanks on the top and bottom. This reduced cost but
increased the failure rate of the radiators.

This radiator had over 130k on it and began to leak. Instead of buying
a new OE or remanufactured radiator we decided to install an all aluminum
Griffin radiator which will last a lifetime when serviced properly. This
Griffin radiator also offers 50% more cooling capacity over the stock radiator.

Once the stock radiator is removed from the car remove the intercooler
bellow retaining push pins.

Mark the locations on the new bellows support and drill the holes using
a 1/4" drill bit. Do not drill the holes on the radiator side of the
support as you WILL damage the core!

Install the bellow on the new support bracket as shown.

Remove and install the fan shroud retaining clips from the old radiator
to the new. Be very careful not to damage the core when installing the
clips on the new radiator. Note: A flat blade screw driver should be used
to adjust the holes for the clips.

Once the radiator is installed fill it with distilled water and radiator
coolant. The new radiator will hold about 2.5 gallons. To maximize cooling
potential a new thermostat (180 degree) and MN12
Performance Cool Fan Switch
should be installed. To learn more about
the Thunderbird cooling system click HERE.

MN12 Performance Inc.


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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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