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How much total advance...

you can "dial" into your EEC is not only a function of
your area's available octane (out this way and Cali all
we have is 91 octane with an occasional pump selling
100) but also just what your engine is willing to tolerate.
Our engines have demonstrated a wide range of tolerance to knock.
Some people can't get away from it with anything less than 92
octane and that's with a stock setup - others have increased total
advance and seem to get away with a lower octane gas with no
problems. Seeing as you have a programmer...I'd just add a couple
degrees at a time 'til you first hear a ping and then back off
a degree or two.

Here's another timing issue you'll have to address, assuming you haven't already - this is a quote from a recent post of
Sir William's in General Tech > I was told that T-Birds are retarded!:

"There is something that I don't think has been touched on:

Throttle Tip-In Spark Retard

As somebody who knows once explained to me, the stock programming is set to pull timing slightly at abrupt positive throttle changes. It only does it for a few seconds, but when you stomp it, the spark is retarded slightly. This is again to improve the "feel" for granny should she accidently floor it. The increase in accelleration will be softened somewhat by reducing power output slightly via retarded timing.

This is a VERY feelable difference when you disable that "feature". It will give you part-throttle response you didn't know your car could have. Kudos to the great one!"

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