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Tinted tail lights on Mark VIII

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I had an hour to kill, and some extra paints lying around, so i mixed up some catalyzed clear and tinted with some PPG black and sprayed through my IR detail gun. Prep work was cleaning good, wiping down with PPG DX330, scuffing 600 grit, wax and grease remover again, taped around the edges VERY carefully with 1/8" fine line tape, shoving it in the creases with a plastic bondo knife, masked all around that, wiped down with a tack rag, and sprayed 3 coats. I should have used some adhesion promoter but i'm sure it will hold fine, the important thing is to hit EVERY SQUARE MILLIMETER with sandpaper.

Result was pretty good. Only two flaws were 1 - it was only about 60 degrees out so i had to use a heat gun to cure the paint properly, well i got a little too carried away and caused cracking in a very small spot (about 2" by 1"), problem 2 - i did it outside so of course there was a small amount of dust caught in the paint, maybe next time i get the buffer out i'll hit the taillights up quickly.

And in a word, i would say a black gen 1 with blacked out taillights is "EVIL"!

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Excellent work. That looks so... stealth.
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