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tires on Sc wheels.

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can i see some pics of what kinda tires u guys are runnin on sc wheels.
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There are pics of my 255's on Sport wheels in this thread. Pretty close to SC wheels.
255/50 . so is that what u would keep gettin? that your fav?
Thats what I'm going to keep using. I still have those tires, I took them off in anticipation of winter so they're in the shed. When I have time and nice weather they are going back on the Sport wheels and then on the LX.
any1 else?
check my cardomain page. on page 5 i think, i got pics of falken ze-512s 235-55-16 on sport rims. like traveler, they're very close to the look of sc rims
I run a pair of 255/50/16 MT ET Street DR's on a pair of XR7 7-spokes (16x7, just like SC wheels) as my track tires for the XR7.

rod. u allso like this size tire the most?
I have 255/50, and I think its far too short.

235/60 is what you want.
Its exactly .6" smaller than the factory size tire.

Granted a 255/55 would be better at .4" larger than factory, but they are hard to find and generally categorized as a "sport truck" tire.
TwoHaggard said:
rod. u allso like this size tire the most?
Not particularly, but I didn't have much of a choice. That is the only size that MT makes their DR's in for a 16" wheel.

IMHO, it's too short of a tire, especially for the rear. Then again, my rear street tires are 28x11's. :D

short. what do u mean by that. side wall?
TwoHaggard said:
short. what do u mean by that. side wall?
By short I'm referring to the overall diameter of the tire. They just look small and out of place to me, but like I said, I prefer a much taller and wider rear tire (in a staggered setup) than most.

Here is a picture with the 255/50/16 MT ET Street DR's on the car:

And here is a picture with my street tires on the car. The fronts are 245/45/17's and the rears are 275/50/17's:

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I have 235/60-16s on 1st gen SC wheels.
ya the 255/50 doesnt look like it fills up wheel well much. my cars lowerd 2in. tho. the 235/60s look great. would u keep gettin that tire 5.0 bird ? also rod. so u would kinda like a 235/60 on those stock wheels wouldnt u? is that kinda what your sayin?
Yah, the tires have been a good wet/dry tire. they're low noise on the road also.
I run 236/60/16 on the 7 spoke 16x7 rims. If you go wider and try to keep the tire height about right then you end up shopping for oddball sized tires that only a few make/carry...
idno i wish i had tons of pics to look at. hint hint.ha. i like the 235-60s the best i think.
with my car being lowerd 2in will the 235-60-16s rub any?
so i ended up going with 235/60s. nexton2000s. seem to be good so far..ill post pic when i get around to it.
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