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i have searched and havnt found much and to me this should be a sticky

what are the torque specs for the

uca bolts
lca bolt
shock bolt
strut rod nut at frame
strut rod at lca

also what size wrenchs and sockets are needed i

found this post by w.cup

Upper ctrl arm
1. 18mm ratchting socket wrench. Used for the two nuts on the inside of engine bay and fits the nut on the pincher for the ball joint.

Lower ctrl arm
1. Large 13/16 wrench for shock nut/bolt and frame nut/bolt where the dial indicator is.
2. 1 inch wrench for the ball joint nut.
3. 30mm deep well socket for the large nut on the strut rod to k-frame.
4. Large adjustable wrench to hold the strut rod in place when using the 30mm socket.
5. 15/16 wrench for the strut rod nut (LCA side).
6. Pickle fork for ball joint removal.
7. Large hammer to wack the pickle fork (I used a 12lb sledge and broke ball joint loose in two wacks).

i thought everything would be metric so 13/16=20.6375mm
and 15/16=23.8125

so should i use a 21mm and a 24mm and round up or do i round down or just use standard sizes?

any help would be great and before i get a "got search" i tried didnt come up with much


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See This thread Post #9

Get yourself a Haynes or Chilton manual and read the directions.

More info in this thread.

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i highly suggest a shop manual it tells you all that and then some. you can get one easily off ebay for less then 40 bucks i garuantee it'll be the best investment for your car you will ever make.
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