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TP sensor...

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While I was halfshafting my TB and cleaning it, I knocked the throttle position sensor into the water. I quickly grabbed it out of there and proceeded to dry it out. Well, I let it sit overnight to try and drain the water out and I took a hair dryer at low to it. So I hook everything back up and start the car. Starts fine, I go to rev it a little and there is a quick whistling sound and then the car momentarily dies then the throttle opens and the engine revs. The check engine light also came on. Do I have to go to the junk yard and get a new sensor? I have a feeling I do, hopefully they won't try and rip me off and I should grab a couple other parts while I'm there.. -greg
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if you need a new sensor go to advanced.........p/n 779-3565 $38
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