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Track meet??

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Is anyone going to the track soon?
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probably not :)

we can't usually get enough of a crowd for OSW, so we usually have it down in Moroso

trying to get one over in Bradenton, but all but say two or three would need to travel

at this time, nothing is planned, but probably one in april
I was hoping to go to Orlando Speed world.

Can you install and setup trac-lok and gears.
no i cannot

i leave that kinda stuff to pros

nick may know someone
91bluecoupe I go to OSW and every time I go I end up there by myself or with some Mustang buddies Tell me when you're going and if I can I'll gladly show up. Also do you have a extra diff housing and what gears do you want in it? I can set them up for you.
i will have an extra iron housing soon
I do not have any extra housings, but I would like one to swap out in my car so i can have my new gears installed in my aluminum housing.

Anyone know where I can borrow one with gears until I can have mine installed?

Also I have a trac-lok that needs rebuilt can you do that to?

How much to install gears and trac-lok?

Yes, I can do that also. Are you doing the actual swap of the housing? I have the stock original one out of my 97. If I'm doing the work for you I'll let you barrow it.
How long will it take you to do the swap?

Can I bring my car to you and watch and learn if you do it in 1 day?

How much will you charge me to do it?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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