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Started to install my Trans-Go shift kit today
and everything was/is going swell....

But after looking closely at the video (for the 10000000 time)
I noticed that the guy in the video gets the
Pressure regulator valve locker all the way in
and puts the retainer in the outmost grove....

Well... I can't do that since the PRV and locker hits each other
just before I can put it in...
Does he just have an older trans or what??

Check the picture and you'll know what I mean...

1. This is where I have to put the retainer
2. This is where he puts it... (looks like anyway...)

Next thing...
You're supposed to add two spring (green and yellow) on top
of the third piston... Mine's aluminium so I haven't changed the o-ring...
But on the video he's got a clip that he removes with a pair of pliers
and then installs everything put's back the clip and everything holds in place...
I ain't got that clip.... I've got a plate with three notches... That's all...
When I put in the springs -> piston -> spring -> plate and push it in
it pops right out...
Not strange but what do I do?? How do I get it to stay up there...?
'cause I can leave it without the springs and I can't push it up with the large thing I took out right??

Hope you understand what I mean...

And I really hope you can answer my questions...

Thanks a lot in advance!

//Thyg0d... With his heart pumping.......wildly

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Sorry to hear about your tranny problem...........that's why I took mine to a local tranny shop and paid them to do it.

What I would suggest, if you haven't already done so, is to read A-Trains' Shifty Business tech article. I believe it covers what to do with that plate you have with the three notches. I might be wrong, but it is worth checking. I wish I could help you further....................


You might want to try posting this over at MTC's web-site

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Well... The thing is that what you have to do when you put in a shift kit
is really easy... more or less just changing some springs...

So if everything was like in the video it wouldn't have caused me any problem
I'm all done except these two things... And that only took me about two hours...
Including raising the car up on jack stands...

Thanks for the suggestion about A-train's Tech article...

Unfortunately he's got a 95 so the pic's couldn't help me...
But I put up the same question on the MTC forum... Haven't heard
anything from there yet though but it just to wait, hope and see....


//Per A

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Just if someone has a similar problem...

Wanted to let you know that I found a solution
to one of my problems...

The prv problem...

After spending half an hour with a really nice mechanic he found out that
that the thing you put the retainer in was about to go south..
So I couldn't get it longer in 'cause it was so worn...
(About a fraction of a millimeter!)

Still havent found out what to do with the 2-3 accumulator piston
so I ordered a new retainer clip and "spring board"...
Going to try that... Should work...
If that doesn't work I guess it's time for a T5 swap
or something... Gettin' really tired of this sh*t....

//Per A
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