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not to discourage you or anything but here's what happend w/ my tranny:

had a similar wouldn't shift into third until i either a. eased up on the throttle b. waited a few second or c. had the car cool down.

every once in a while when the tranny got really hot the car would miss 3rd. it would rev up to the limiter and not go in,........until i hit a speed fast enough to go right to fourth.....if i dropped out of o/d manually it would buck the car and then eventually go in 2nd or 4th.

tranny did this for a while,.....then i decided to do the j-mod and found out it was already done on my tranny somehow,.......and when i filled it back up w/ tranny fluid that's when all hell broke loose,..........ended up needing a rebuild. burnt direct clutch bands (direct clutch turns on in the 2-3 shift)
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