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trany help please

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ok so i take off at a red just an everyday take off trying to reach about 30 40 mph so just lightly touching the gas pedel 1st gear takes off GREAT 2300rpm SHIFT 2nd hits GREAT 2300rpm it drops right doing to like 1100 and hits overdrive missing 3rd witch is drive ofcourse lol any idea's on the prob i have no trant codes in the computer and as long as i give it 1/2 pedel more gas it shifts perfect i no our cars are killer for trany probs so any idea's please let me know thanks

now i do have a check eng light but the codes are o2 sencor cause i broke mine lol and egr valve
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Are you sure it's skipping third? My car shifts pretty much like you described, and it's not skipping anything. Sounds to me like the TC is locking as it shifts to third like it should at low throttle.
hmmmmmm maybe i'll look into it more at work today but thanks
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