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Trunk-Lift Support

All of us have had our Thunderbird's trunk slam back down when we didn't
want it to shut. The trunks weight can prevent you from keeping the trunk
open on even a slight incline. Especially if you have installed a rear
wing. A easy solution to this problem is to add gas charged lift supports
like the 1994 Mustang uses. How do you add gas charged lift supports to
you 1989-1997 Thunderbird?


You need to purchase a pair of trunk gas charged lift supports for a
1994 Mustang which is available at your local parts house or from Five
Star Ford.
Prices will vary from $15-$25 dollars each.

Installation Instructions:

Next, Once you have the lift supports install them on each side of the
trunk hinges and attach them to the screw that sticks down from the rear
deck (see pictures)

On cars equipped with the JBL sub woofer you will only be able to install
the drivers side lift. This will not completely lift the trunk when opened
but will prevent it from shutting.

MN12 Performance


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