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Anyone know of any good place to take some rotors and have them drilled for the 4.25 bolt pattern? After the meet and seeing the Cobra brakes I am going to do that now. I got some used calipers off eBay and some new rotors, but I need to get them drilled for the new pattern. I hope they clear my 17x9 Bullit wheels.

I am also going to go with the stainless lines from the GP.

I wish one day to do something to my car to make it faster, ride better, look better, but stopping is a good thing to make better, right? :)

Of course I am doing what i said I wouldn't do, an upgrade then another upgraded that totally makes the previous upgrade a waste. Now I have to play swap around with the 89 too, I guess it gets the PBR brakes and calipers and the Sport brakes and calipers become odd man out again.
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