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complete harness, from engine, to ecu tothe gauge cluster & system sentry, only wires cut are back to the fuel pump/sending unit ( still in car somewhat)

$100.00 shipped
Stock USED forged 2.3 turbo pistons.. cleaned and Mic'ed
$120.00 shipped

rough gutted upper intake, no porting, $45.00 shipped

empty 2.3T block with main caps and bolts $100.00 plus shipping

Not cracked E6 turbo mainfold $55.00 shipped

surfaced ready to install flywheel $55.00 shipped

small vam $25.00 shipped

85/86 engine to ecu harness $75.00 shipped

fuel rail with stock fpr $15.00

asst brackets and pulleys $3.00 and up

square tooth cam /aux shaft gears $7.00 shipped

crank $25.00 PLUS Shipping

stock 2.3 rods $15.00 each shipped

asst bolts..... Ask

auto tranny flex plates $20.00 shipped

2.3 starters $15.00 PLUS shipping (tested)

"tin" time belt covers front and back $20.00 shipped

complete 2.3T Carb'ed draw thu engine $400.00 OBO you pay freight or pick up
condidtion is UNKNOWN

IRCM 87/88 tc "j box" $50 shipped

I am also parting out a 87 turbo coupe if there is something special to this car you need feel free to ask.

I should be expanding this list and adding pics over the next few days
this is just a "quick list" off the top of my head that I have

I will concider trades
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