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I have a FWD 3.8 BLOCK with everthing but heads. and a RWD 99 3.8L mustang block. Both for 200$ the FWD motor had 75K and the RWD 99 block unknown. has surface rust on the cylinder walls. Going to clean them up. But i picked up a 3rd block dirt cheap. so theses two need to go. Also have windstar 04 head's for an extra 100$ Local pick up perfer. or willing to meet 45-50 miles. of my area. with out surcharge of fuel.

compresser 20$
coil packs 20$ have two sets.
Stock thunder bird wheels 100$ all four. or 25$ a picese two front tires are near new. rear have nothing. with center caps.

Spilt port intake with fuel rail 75$

Here are the photo's I cleaned up the Block and gotten the surface rust out. Block is good.
99 3.8

Stock wheels.

fwd 3.8

99 intake setup to have spilt port with Fuel RAIL
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