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Hey all,

one day, all of a sudden, my airbag light started to flash 1-2-3.....1-2. I assume this is either code 23 or 32.

Now, I know that:
Code 23: Safing sensor circuit input batter feed/return circuit open.
Code 32: Driver side air bag high resistance or open in circuit.

Which code is it? 3 flashes, pause, then 2 flashes.

What do these explanations mean, and how does one fix the problem?

Note to anyone who responds to this post: You'll be talking to someone who knows NOTHING about electronics, sensors, circuits, "batter feeds", resistance, etc. Thanks in advance for catering to a moron.

Second question: 2 weeks after purchasing my Bird, I blew both headgaskets, and hydraulicked a piston. I rebuilt the engine, with a reground cam, and actually had my n/a 3.8L V6 getting an 8 second 0-60 time. Over time, performance decreased, and a whistle began to sound for a split second upon acceleration. Just last week, I blew a chunk off my cylinder head , so I replaced both heads. I thought this would fix the whistle as well. But, alas, the whistle is still there. All gaskets (lower intake man, plenum, heads have been doublechecked, all look good. Where could it be coming from?

Note: It's not a whine, it's a whistle, sounds like my gym teacher scolding me every time I punch the gas.

Thanks for any help.
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