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I know the Cobra swap has been discussed to death, but I was curious about something.

I know that to put in a mustang engine into an MN12, you have to use the MN12 fuel rails because the mustangs don't use fuel pressure regulators (or am I confused there) and regulate fuel pressure by adjusting fuel pump voltage.

Would it be possible to swap in a complete mustang engine, namely the cobra, using the mustang EEC, wiring harness, and fuel pump? I know one of the biggest issues with the Cobra swap is controlling a 4r70w, but what about keeping the T-45?

Do the MN12 JBA headers fit cobra heads?

I know that this project is mostly cost prohibitive, but its just an idea, thats all. Plus, it might give me a project if I acquire another MN12 to play with. :)
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