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This really doesn’t apply to many here, but some might be interested.

US Gear Corporation, which is pretty much the only competition Gear Vendors has, has been bought out by another company.

They will be discontinuing their line of “dual range” overdrive transmissions. They no longer have any of the control modules available and the other parts will no longer be available once all the supplies are exhausted.

I don’t know about their other products that they offer. The replied quickly to emails and were nice to talk to on the phone.

So if you’re looking at a used “dual range” overdrive unit by US Gear on eBay, make sure it comes with a functioning control module!!

Just thought I would share. :thumbsup:

And on a side note in regards to Gear Vendors: They now have a control system (AutoShift Sequencer) that will split the gears while you keep the engine at WOT!!! :D

It uses an aftermarket (Lokar) gear position sensor on the transmission lever to tell the module what gear you’re in. You still have to shift manually, but that isn’t an issue now that the GV will shift out of overdrive on its own.

GV said:
The difference to the standard package is that the AutoShift takes those shifts where you are moving the shift lever and clicking the Gear Vendors and automates the process. So, launch in First and immediately press the button for First-over (like the standard electronics the overdrive will shift to First-over at the appropriate speed--when you are tached up and ready for Second, move the shift lever and when the trans grabs Second-gear the AutoShift sequencer will take out the overdrive without you having to click the button. When you are ready for Second-over just click the button, and when you move to Third the sequencer takes out the overdrive. When you are cruising and click in the overdrive, it will turn itself off at low speed/rpm and when you want it back on just click it in. So you always tell it when you want to shift in to overdrive in any gear which preserves the fun interactive part and still allows you to decide on 1/2 steps in gearing or full steps depending on what mood, acceleration, or who's watching. The sequencer just automates the deactivation of the overdrive.
Sorry for the novel, but I thought some of you guys with the carb swaps and 3 speed autos, might be interested in the overdrive info I found.
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