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BEWARE when buying used wheels on EBAY, CRAIGSLIST, SWAP MEETS etc.

Many have been installed with impact wrenches, wrong fasteners etc. when installing a new wheel it should be "centered on the hub properly before tightening to the proper torque. if a wheel is left "hanging" on the stud and drawn up tp the seats vis impact guns you can"gall" a new seat in the wheel and then it will never center. you then take it back to the tire store with vibrations, they check via center hole and tell you the balance is okay. if someone took the time to read mfg installment procedures you would find impact wrenches are strictly FORBIDDEN. does your tire store install your investment with power tools?
WATCH HOW THEY WORK ON SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR!! proper lugs are also a must.

Do not use used lug nuts as they have probably been stretched already by power tools!! is your family's safety worth penny pinching on fasteners???


P.S NEVER,NEVER,NEVER paint lug seats in wheels! paint will shrink and then give false torque readings! also never lubricate studs, they need to be dry and clean!!TIRE BARON
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