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Hi Everyone,

Here is an RPM cam for the 3.8. I used this cam very little, you can still see cam break in lube on it! Long story short, I pulled out the motor and am going the 5L route, so this cam is for sale cheap. The push rods that you see, are also included.

Please see the spec sheet for the tech. info. This is for N/A cars, very street-able, not to radical, but certainly a nice power boost.

I don't remember what I payed for it, but just going from the current prices on the website, it is $145 for the push rods, and $250 for the cam (plus core).

Here is the deal. $120 (cam and push rods) shipped in the USA. No BS here, the cam is practical new, and a great deal, even if you aren't ready to do this swap, a deal like this won't come around again!

Thanks, please contact me with any questions.
[email protected]

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