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after a couple weeks knowing something wasnt right, and being a little angry I had done all this work to get a new tranny in, only to develope a new driveline vibration, I can finally drive my car the way I want to again.

The front U-joint that I installed 2 new end caps on, was shot. the new end caps didnt help much I guess(I removed the U-joint from the drive shaft when I swapped trannies-lost an end cap, so I installed a new one on the driveshaft flange side.)

anyway, long story short, I properly lined the yoke up to the tranny's tail shaft this time, rotated the drive shaft 180 degrees, and installed a whole new U-joint.

I am fully confident the U-joint was the problem(very obvious with car back on the rack).

had it up to 110+ mph, and it was "like butter"

thanks to all who helped!
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