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I have a new one for you. I've been pimpin' my ride for a long while now, but mostly it just sits in the parking space looking pretty for the last two years. I get it out on the street to drive once in a while, only when there's a full moon on a friday. Unfortunately this was a half moon on a sunday. So there I go anyway, pedal to the metal out on the highway up to about 80mph when all of the sudden I feel the car vibrate like an old ladies 120 V juicer. I couldn't tell if it was goin' up or down or left to right, could of been in and out for all I knew, but when the rear view mirror had an orgasm and fell to the floor I figured I better pull over and try to find out WTF is going on. Couldn't figure out a thing of course. So I took it to the transmission shop today, thinking the worst of a torque convertor gone postal. Come to find out that the driveshaft bolts were just a little loose. That's all I got to say about that.

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So it begins...

Search my posts on vibration; it's expensive. :(

Short version:

Driveshaft sux. 2 pieces, glued together with RTV.

Goes bad due to driving fast. Over 70 driving for long periods killed mine.

Eats differential gear/bearings.

Eats Transmission tailshaft bushing. Tranny Leaks like a b.

So I end up:

Replace Diff

Replace Driveshaft

Replace transmission. (these trannys do not like being constantly low on fluid)


If it just started, get a new driveshaft ASAP. 93 Mark VIII ONE-PIECE or aftermarket. I have Aluminum shafts on both my cars.

If you are a TCCOA Member, there is a group buy going on, I think.

Good luck.

Something I noticed recently: The wheel bearings I replaced this year had this weird ripple on the bearing races; they were good, but sloppy. It looked like the same wavy pattern as on the Diff gears; Not sure if related or not. :confused:
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