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What Rod said. The VIN decals on my fenders are in plain sight on the vertical inside edge of the fender about in the center over the wheel well (under the hood, just below the hood line). On the underside of the hood near the passenger hinge area. On the bottom center of the doors. On the bottom side of the trunk lid. On the backside of the bumper boots, they are easily seen if you get on your back and look around the inside of the bumper.

I wouldn't be surprised if the body cladding has VIN decals on the backside as well. I'm not sure where they would put one on the spoiler though? Under the brake light or bottom of a pedestal???

Basically if it's a removable body panel it's tagged and if it isn't it's a red flag of a replaced panel or half-a$$ repaint or somethings up. I'm speaking strickly about my '97. ymmv. So what are you trying to figure out? Haven't you recently stated elsewhere that you have a salvage title?

If you have to ask where the VIN decals should be I'm assuming it's been repaired or given a sloppy full repaint and they didn't mask off the VIN decals which is a big no no for a professional painter. It only takes a few minutes to spot the locations even if they are badly faded. you should still be able to see a decal even if it was painted over.

I'm sure there are other less accessable locations as well. ;)
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