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I know, took me long enough. But I finally got the Vogtland GP springs installed with weekend.

My question is how long did it take for the springs to settle in completely?

The reason I ask; I've got about 100 miles on the car since the install and the rear has dropped from a rim to fender gap of 6 7/8 inch to 6 1/16 inch.
The front went from a rim to fender gap of 7 1/4 inch to 7 inches.

So the rears are as advertized and I really don't want them to drop any more. The fronts.... well.... didn't seem to make much of a difference and I'm hopping they will settle a little more.

What final drop have other's gotten with the springs? Or to put it another way what can I expect?

Current setup for reference:
Stock 91 SC wheels 16 inch
Stock size tires 225/60 16
Stock front sway bar
ADDCO 1 1/4 rear bar w/ standard ride height end links.
MN12 performace poly front kit except for sway bar bushings that are Energy Suspension peices (I broke a swaybar bushing mount a while back)
New front isolators
New rear isolators top and bottom
New tie rod ends (yeah shouldn't make a difference but I'm happy I finally did it)

P.S. I like the ride. A great comprimise between compliance and handling. The SC soaks up bumps better than before but corners flatter than before also. I just hope the springs don't sag to the point I scraping over speed bumps.
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