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Like the title says. I never got around to installing it. Probably never will with how busy things are in life now, plus I'm selling the Bird and coming to terms with reality.

This is RobertP's supercharger. I believe it has only a few hundred miles on it. Looks practically brand new. All other components are brand new (oil lines, bracket, hardware etc). I bought it off Skinnytick when his plans to build his MN12 fell through.

This is a T-trim upgraded unit, not an S trim! It includes upgraded stainless steel oil feed lines as well as a AIRAID air filter.

All the kit parts are included except the Trex fuel pump booster and FMU. Which is an apparently really crappy setup anyways and that is why I bought the Quantum 340lph fuel pump to do it right without the need of any extra booster pumps. The intake assembly is a custom setup that mimics the Anderson Power Pipe, to install on a TBird it requires enlarging the airbox hole and it fits just fine after. Also not included is the coil pack relocation bracket, which you can make yourself or buy, personally I would just make it myself instead of spending 30-40 bucks on a piece of bent sheetmetal from Vortech. It is just a relocation bracket after all.

Ask me anything. I'll try to answer.


Car is also for sale:

$2299+ shipping OBO.
Make an offer.
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