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Wade Ford Transports More Than 40,000 Diapers for Atlanta Diaper Relief

Local Ford dealership lends helping hand and truck to Atlanta non-profit organization

ATLANTA, Jan. 31, 2012 – Wade Ford is helping the Atlanta Diaper Relief with a hefty diaper donation from Huggie’s. Kia Smith, Founder and CEO of Atlanta Diaper Relief – a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing diapers to poor families in need - learned she would be receiving a large donation of more than 40,000 diapers from the Huggie’s company late last month.

In efforts to determine how her non-profit organization would be able to afford transporting such a large shipment to their storage facility, she sat down at her computer and let her fingers do the asking. Through the power of Twitter, Kia reached out to Ford Motor Company asking for help, and minutes later Ford’s social media team responded.

It wasn’t long before Steve Ewing, president of Wade Ford in the Metro Atlanta, area offered a truck, and to help with pick up and delivery of the large diaper donation.

“Ford is just an amazing company for helping a community organization like ours,” Said Kia Smith, Founder and CEO of Atlanta Diaper Relief. “Thank God for Ford Motor Company. Its customer service is unmatched and like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced before.

Smith founded the Atlanta Diaper Relief last year after her son was left in a wet diaper all day at daycare. That situation ignited her passion to help parents who have no choice but to stretch their child’s diaper because they can’t afford to buy more.

Ford’s longstanding history of corporate responsibility and strong community partnerships is a testament to the company’s commitment to realize the vision for a better world. The global company is only as strong as the local communities where Ford employees live, work and conduct business, and helping organizations like the Atlanta Diaper Relief helps Ford make that vision reality.

“We are happy to help the Atlanta Diaper Relief,” said Steve Ewing, president and CEO of Wade Ford. “It’s part of our mission to give back to the community that has supported us for nearly 80 years.”
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