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hello I am obviously new to the forum. this is my first post and figured I would start here. I have inherited my fathers 95 cougar xr7 4.6l v8. this was his project car and it is now mine and I would like to start making it my own.
it has.
custom built transmission not sure what was done all I know Is he said it was a hammer tight?

3 stage super chip

nitrous oxide

nitrous fuel pump

custom built 3800 stahl toque converter

A&M shift assist

full H&R suspension

I believe J&M ceramic headers

custom x pipe exhaust with cross pipe

mustang 5.0 mass airflow sensor

looks like after market fuel injector I am not positive though.

any suggestions on putting a turbo on it and any other engine modifications I should do as well would be greatly appreciated. from what I know nothing has been done to the engine. my dad was very organized and kept receipts for everything and since I have found nothing dealing with the engine I am left to believe it is stock with only 65,000 miles.

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