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Lemont, IL- Lemont Legends Cruise Nights

Join us for another summer fun filled event where we hopefully have
great cars, excellent volunteers and superb crowds. Come out and see for yourself the buzz of cruisers.

Every Wednesday night rolling in to historic downtown Lemont for another season are the Wednesday night cruisers.

For just a short time each summer the historic downtown area turns into a stroll down memory lane for many people. Stretching along Main, and Canal streets are some of the finest hot rods and classic autos around.

With an average of 175+ cars on cruise night the area is hopping with crowds in excess of 1000. In the background, 50’s and Motown music will be playing by DJ –Better Than A Jukebox.. It is truly a walk down memory lane for some visitors. If you listen you’ll hear grandfathers telling grandchildren, "I had a Chevy just like this one," or "your Dad had a car like this" and best of all "I learned to drive on a car just like this one."

Cruisers come from as far away as the Wisconsin border and spectators were coming from surrounding communities as far away as 60 miles.

The Wednesday night cruises are truly a successful event. The success is partly due to the support of the Village staff, (Public Works, Police, LEMA) the business community getting involved and the volunteers helping out each cruise night.

So with that said, August 10th is Ford night and Id like to invite all you all to come out and enjoy a night out in historic Lemont Il. The show officially starts at 5pm and runs til 9pm, at about 5pm all the streets are blocked off to normal traffic and all the show cars are then parked at an angle to the curb like this _/_/_/_ etc. at 9pm most people leave, but if your interested in staying around, they ask that you park your car parallel to the curb and then you can stay as long as you want. I have seen as few as 3 cars down there in the pouring rain and as many as over 550 there on a nice night. There are many places to eat within the show car area, so come hungry, there are a few booths set up with food and also there are some restaraunts right there. (might i suggest a Nick burger from Nick's Tavern right on main street)

Im going to talk to a friend of mine to see if we cant get some sort of reserved parking in the Metra lot under the bridge that way we can put all the birds together. more info on that if/when i get it.

Directions, if taking I-55 exit Lemont RD south, go up and over the bridge to Illinois street, you can go left or right to get to the show area, if you go left go left at the first street and your right in the middle, if you go right take the first right and your at the west end.

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