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Last night my car died on me. Started sputtering like it was out of fuel, and now when I put the key in the run position I no longer hear the fuel pump start up.

It feels electrical. I could hear it come on once tonight when I started checking into it. And when it did, the car started and ran like normal for a few minutes But I've had some other weird symptoms:

The front bolt on the upper intake manifold is arcing against the upper intake. The battery is grounded to the upper intake so it seems that a power wire is grounded out somewhere. I've checked the power wires for the remote starter, electric fan, and headlight relays that I've added, and though one of them could possibly have done it, I've fixed that and it isn't the issue. The only other thing I installed but didn't check was the gauge cluster which could explain the second thing.

The oil pressure gauge went wild. It never worked correctly (according to the EVTMs I used when I installed it, it is wired right... I've never checked the sender or the resistor involved though). I'm wondering if something isn't shorted out behind that cluster, and arcing to a wire for that gauge (causing it to move). I will check that when I get the chance.

The fuse and relay for the fuel pump seem to be good, but I couldn't find my DVOM before I left to get it, so I can't be for sure on the relay (we changed the fuse)

Can anyone think of anything else to check while I'm at it?
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