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sad not to see the t-bird there...but I guess they did their jobs for the ford company and grabbed some short-term attention till the newly designed stang came out last year. Overpriced, and too retro in my opnion but it was kind of sad not seeing it there. thanks for 50 (or is it really 46)great years

here is what I walked away with
The New Dodge Caliber (Cross-over neon replacement); No one could explain to me how the new CVT tranny worked. One salesman stated "I didn't know it was going to have a new tranmission." The well-endowed spokesmodel told me to go to This car (if you calll it a car) is hitting the showrooms next month, and they could not also tell me the price, or mpg. However they knew a lot about the R/T editions of their charger, magnum, 300, crossfire, durango, with their 300+ hp engines. Real cool, but the super-star of the entire show was the fisher-price like honday civic hybrid.

Detroit is not is in touch with anybody right now, I love 300 hp cars, you guys to do, but not the rest of the country and I'm afraid my kids will be buying chinesse cars through and that scares me.
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