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what exhaust do you guys recommend for a v6?

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right now im running two glasspacks, but it does cheap, i want more sound and more of a rumble, how about flowmasters???? maybe the cat-back????? oh and im also running no cats at all so that will help in the sound department.

Marvin M.
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If all you're interested in is how loud you can get it, yeah...go with the Flowmaster cat back. Supposedly the V6 cars need a resonator with the cat back, not sure if you need it to actually bolt the system on or if it's there just to make it a little less ricer sounding. Maybe someone else here has it on. I have the Dynomax myself, not a real noise maker.

flowmasters with a resonator.... i dont have one and i woulda gotten one if i had planned on keeping my 6 cylinder for more than a year. -greg
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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