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Ok, I have a 94 cougar with a 4.6 and 190000 miles on it. I got it a 165K for $400 because the woman who owned the car hit a deer and blew both airbags. Since then I did new plugs and wires, front brakes twice, replaced upper control arms, sport shocks and springs in front, new battery, alternator, and replaced the water pump. Overall I can't complain for a $400 car. Oh yeah, also a few months ago I got hit by a truck driver (his fault) which put a few nice dents in the quarter panel, and they wrote me a check for $2000 for the car that I paid $400 for. The car also needs a complete new paint job, but that's no big deal since I work in a body shop. Anyway, today it started burning oil pretty bad. I can't say how much it burns because the rear main seal is also shot, and I have been adding about a quart every 500 miles since I bought the car because of the rear main. The other thing to keep in mind is that I have sitting in my garage a complete new dash with both new airbags, a set of NPI heads in good shape, and a t-45 trans with everything to swap it in except for the clutch pedal and hydraulic components. So the question is given worn valve seals, a bad rear main, 190K miles, some damage to the body, and the need for the dash and airbags to be swapped out by january when the car needs to be inspected, should I;
1)fix the valve seals and be done with it
2)swap on the other set of NPI heads that I have
3)swap in an explorer motor (with or without the T-45), fix the airbags and body work, and keep it
4)find another car and part this one out and sell all the other stuff that I have
5)drive the car with it smoking and burning and leaking oil until it decides not to go anymore
6)find another 4.6 cougar to swap my stuff onto and junk this car.

Let me know what you think.

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