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what to do!!!!?

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ok my 93 5.0 needs new exhaust, i have no idea what i want other than i want good sound and good performance and something thats not going to fall off, price is no worry of mine but i HATE junk, the engine is slightly modified and has JBA headers, please post pics and ideas of yours, thought about getting a borla catback and then doing the rest custom since no one makes anything. im kinda partial to borla products because i have a catback sysem on my f-150 with over 100k on it and its still like new. they are def not kidding about that million mile warranty!
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Holy smokes you have 5 birds and 1 cougar?

borla catback and then doing the rest custom since no one makes anything.
Well what you just listed sounds like a good setup right there.

Most guys on here have duel exhaust or want to have...2 1/2 pipes, no cats, di/do muff in the middle, and tips in the back is a most wanted setup from what I've seen.
yes 5 birds and 1 cougar, the 88, 95 bird, and 95 cougar are in need of some work, the others are show quality, the 93 LX being the pride of the fleet, they will all be very nice cars when im done, not sure if i will keep the 95 bird yet, its not quite collector material as far as im concerned (no sunroof, no leather, no fogs, just a v8)
i like the borla setup but im not sure if it will be loud enough for me, i wont be doing converters at all.
yeah, i have heard the borla stingers both catted and catless on some of teh five-o mustangs, and it sounds pretty wicked. bassani is a pretty good sound
If you're looking at getting rid of the borlas...I'll take them!!
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