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Ok so I'm had this clatter comming from the car for a little while now. I took the car to Jay's house and thought maybe the torque converter bolts were loose. We put brand new ones one and it seemed to fix the problem. A day later it was back. Today I got under it and checked the bolts and even put some lock tight on them. No good still making noise.

I layed under the car while it was running and the noise seems loudest under the bell housing of the tranny but I can't rule out it coming from the oil pan. Seems a bit louder under the belling housing. The tapping noise is loudest at idle and does not get louder when you speed up the motor.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I've damaged this torque converter.

I shot a quick cell phone video while under the motor. You can't see much but you can hear the noise.

Other than this noise the car seems to run fine and shows not loss of power or tranny slipping.

Anyone have any ideas?

I'm starting to wonder of the stock Mark VIII converter that's in there just wasn't built to take the power that I'm making.
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