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1995 Ford Thunderbird LX
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Hey guys!
Wondering what you guys recommend for wheels with the 5x4.25 bolt pattern... don't really wanna do a hub conversion. I have an older set of American Racing rims on her right now... I like sparkle! I prefer Chrome :) I am fine with polishing them all the time as I polish these every weekend or so. I also am using a 16 inch rim!
I am not in a rush to get wheels as the bird is off the road for the new engine then it'll go for exhaust and paint.
Just collecting suggestions!

Also just thought I'd share this pretty photo of my bird and my moms Pony together!

Happy Monday!

1996 Cougar 4.6
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Tire rack has some pretty nice options from 16 up to 19 inch wheels i think. All kinds of designs and finishes. Nice pic of the cars

1997 SPORT Laser Red. Restored May of 2020.
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The 16" OEM wheels that came with the SC and SPORT option are my only choice.
They are good looking, unique and unidirectional.
I have never seen them in Chrome, only silver metallic powder coating. There is a Dallas refurb company that might chrome them for a totally unique wheel.
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