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Which Thunderbird should I mod? Best bang for the Buck?

  • 95 Super Coupe

    Votes: 9 40.9%
  • 95 LX 4.6L

    Votes: 13 59.1%

  • Total voters
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I would go with the 4.6...IMO. It is a bit cheaper to mod and can probably get you faster for cheaper in the "long run". But if you are planning to just do a few bolt ons the SC does start out with a little more power and is faster out of the box. The 4.6 is more reliable than the 3.8 from what I've seen though.

Plus you know the 4.6 sounds better opened up...LOL!


How bout some more info on the cars like miles, condition, etc...

If it was me I'd definatly end up modding both...hehe


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yeah, a 95 sc with a smaller pulley will run high 14's. It'll take a bit more to get a 4.6L there. But if you're trying to get to 12's, then a 4.6 is the way to go cost wise. Although I admire the guy who puts work into a fast unique SC.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts