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Ok, as has been discussed, this forum is for people to post changes and/or revisions of any/all TCCoA Tech Articles for review by the "experts" prior to being posted in the proper section of the web site.

Gordon aka MagerThom has graciously offered to oversee this effort, and I trust he'll do so to the best of his ability. JT and I will both be available to help out with the HTML and formatting of the documents when completed, so there's no need to be overly concerned about that. What we need is accurate and better content.

Thanks so much for being willing to help. I'm sure it will be worth it. :D

This forum will be similar to others except that posts will be deleted when a submitted change is incorporated into the original text. For instance, let's say a thread has been started to get changes and revisions made to an article on MAF cleaning. JoeBlow submits a valid suggestion for revision as a reply in that thread. Once the original message in the thread has been amended to include his revision, Joe's message will be deleted. Thus when the next person looks at it, all they'll see is the revised copy. Once we're satisfied that the article is indeed good enough to go back in "circulation" as it were, JT & I will take care of it.
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