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Been having a typical run of bad luck with my bird.
3.8 Non SC.
This weekend alone Ign. Coil went.
Then in a completely unrelated desaster crank shaft pully bolts sheared.
After fixing both of these problems, now when I turn the key DEAD.
NOTHING. All dashboard lights go out. NO Click / No Crank.
I don't think its the Solenoid though. I didn't have to jump it. I only had to touch batt terminal to the terminal that the small wire is on and sstarted and ran fine.
I checked the small wire to the solenoid when turning the key no power 0.0 volts on the volt meter.
I'm thinking Neut. Safety Switch. But want to check to see if anyone had this before and it was something else. Don't want to waste $50 on the switch.

Other then that 208k n the odo and the bird is still flyin.
When they run the run great. When the F$%# up they do it just as big.

Any help is musch appreciated.

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