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will this work or will hurt the 4.6

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i seen the new shaker hood on the new mach 1 mustang and i was thinking why
does it reflect the air back into the air box? if you filterd the air coming into the scoop
and had it on top of the throttle body with the normal hose coming from the air box and MAF into the bottom of the scoop, wont you get more power?
or will this make your car run lean and couse damage?
the reason for me asking was that i was going to buy a small scoop so i can make ram air, but the air coming into the scoop dont pass by the MAF so im like uhhh will this hurt the car? :confused:
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unless I am mistaken...for one, you need the distance from the MAF to the Throttle body. I was thinking about making my new ram air hood functional, but DanU schooled me in the art of intakes and said I would be better off with the set-up in place for the reasons of getting cooler air down low and the fact that ram air is pretty much useless for daily driving.
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the air from the shaker is still metered by the MAF, so a lean condition isnt created.
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Here are a couple of shaker kits....

that I thought seriously about....but I wanted to retain
my stock hood, so there's not enough clearance. It's really
a wood factor mod, as DanU has pointed out before, and the
direction of air flow has to change 180 degrees.

I think they're neat, being a child of the 60's-70's.
They sold a lot of muscle cars for Detroit, but didn't
do anything for ET's.
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