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50 years of Mercury Cougar 1967/2017
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As the title states, my 96 cougar has pitting on the black rubbery
looking stuff that surrounds the rear quarter windows.

Has anyone been able to repair those Items?

I'm painting the car and new windows are not available.

The 96 will be a clone of the 95.

Using all the old hot rod parts.

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The Cougar Quarter Window Glass with the Chrome Trim is still available new..

Cougar Quarter Window.jpg

There's several places on online that have it in stock..

The Ford Part Number for the Cougar Quarter Window Glass is:

Driver Side: (F4WY-6629711-A) or (F4WY6629711A)
Passenger Side: (F4WY-6629710-A) or (F4WY6629710A)

Unfortunately the Cougar Quarter Window Glass without the Chrome Trim is no longer available.. :(

Just Google those part numbers, and order from the vendor of your choice..

The Quarter Window Glass isn't cheap, but it's always a good idea to remove the Quarter Windows for a repaint anyways..


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