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window tinting

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i tint my own windows and ill put up pics soon but i did the backs and those went fairly well and to do the front i really wanna take em out so do you guys know how to take out the front windows
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Most windows are easy to take out. Take off the door interior panel and figure out how to release the glass from the regulator, it's normally clamped on there in 2 places with an 8 or 10mm bolt. I've never seen how it's done in our cars, I can't say for sure.

Once you get the window free of the regulator, you should just be able to pull it up, tilt the top of it towards the front of the car and lift it out of the door.
its fairly easy.. even without taking the glass off.. just pull the door panel off and take the weather strip off. roll the window down about a centimeter, and youre good to go!
I agree with sinhumane.
Don't take out the glass just remove the door trim panel.
It makes it an easy job... now the rear window is another story!
How do you remove old tint. I want to pay someone to tint all 3 of my cars but I gotta remove old tint on 2 of them. Thanks.
I know I've seen stuff at part store called tint off. Haven't used it but heard good things. Best I can tell you would be to peel and scrape the glues off the glass. Then good over it with some steel wool to finish the last little stuff that is on there. Most of the glass tint shops around here charge BIG$$$$ to take of old tint. Kinda like sanding no one wants to do it. So if you pay them to you get reamed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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