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I am seeking input on the next phase on my Bird. This is a weekend end play car, so drivabilty is a consideration of any more power. Engine is a 393 stroker that made 527 HP @ the crank. I decided I wanted to step it up to around 700, but maintain the streetabilty it now has. It is carbed, and will be doing a blow through. I want to do a compromise between a instant torque screw, and a slower acting, turbo, so thinking of a centrifugal with lots of capacity.

Here is my thinking. My car is a weekend play car, with emphasis on performance. I am now making 527 hp, running a 3,500 stall, non lockup converter, and 4.30 gears. I am running 7.3x @ mid 90s now in the 1/8, and want to go 6s. I am thinking of installing a Vortech YSi Renegade kit with a larger 3.3 pulley on the head to keep the boost under 12 psi. I will be converting to E85 for the added cooling, and 105 octane. I will up the boost once on E85 and kinks worked out.

I will go to 3.73 or 3.55 gears to keep from running out of RPM's, and also go to a 3,000 stall speed since I will have more than enough torque. With the gear change and lower stall, I should be in good shape cruising . There is a E85 station 2 miles from my house that cost about $1.10 less than 93 octane, that will make up for the 20-25% higher consumption. It is several dollars a gallon less than race gas. I will be able to cruise at lower RPM's, and have a huge power boost ready when desired. If I were to build the engine to give me that level of performance NA, it would consume much more fuel at anything below WOT, and not be nearly as streetable.

I am undecided if I will get a carb built to work with a carb hat, or use the Vortech enclosure so I can go over 15 psi when ready. Ideas?

Here is what I have, and what I am thinking.

The P/S will be removed and a manual rack installed.


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looks like you got your bases covered.....I guess it just depends on what you want to do.
Maybe post it on to get a better response from guys who have actually done either of those types of setups on a carbed motor.

Good luck.
btw, I'll take those 4.30's off your hands when you're done with them :)
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