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Not sure if this really belongs in this forum, but I figured it would get the most exposure here since I need an answer by tomorrow when I go to the junkyard.

I need new wiper arms since mine are all bent up to the point that I can't get them to sit right on the windshield no matter what I do with them.

My question is whether or not any year Thunderbirds/Cougars had hook and arm type wiper arms instead of the post type. I really like the hook/arm type better since they are so much easier to change blades and more secure than the clip-on type with the post wiper arms.

Are there any other cars I can look for that have hook/arm type arms that would fit on the T-bird? I know early Taureses have them, but I don't know if they would fit on my car where they attach to the motor.

Any input would be great. Thanks!!

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