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Not that anyone was weeping intently due to my disappearance, but a project of mine while I have been on the road for the last three months (I think it's been three....I actually lost count) is to try to get a foothold onto a writing job of some kind or another, so while parked at rest stops, or motels, I have been plugging away at my books, and parody/comedy automotive-based articles, and have been submitting them everywhere.
Not that anyone cares, but just in case anyone here wants to's a major pain in the rear to get anything published without first having written for some major publication, and submitting examples. Of course, we get into that famous 'I need to have experience to get experience?' loop, never mind that you might be doing some excellent work....they won't even look at it unless you have been working for some other publication, or have written some other book that got accepted. And since I can't afford a decent get the point.

Anyway, if you get bored, here are my last two submissions to Insider Racing News...

October 1st

October 8th
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