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hey there everybody. i have a 91 thunderbird lx 5.0. i did have a 91 base w/ a 3.8 but that one ended up getting totaled a few years back. i just bought the lx about a month or so ago and now i remember why i was upset when my other car got totaled. even with the 3.8 these cars are still fun to drive. even though i just got the car a month ago ive gone through 2 sets of tires already :evil3: . oh well its all in fun for me really cause my 89 bronco is gonna be the daily driver and the bird is the toy. see yallz around.

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So any big plans for your new toy?
of course. i grew up around the drag strip so i cant leave it stock. that would be a right now im just trying to get cought up on some things and figure out what combo of parts i want to go with. ive got a set of heads for it but now i need springs and rocker arms. and then i have to get the cam and intake and mass MAF and so on and so on..............its a project in the works that im driving daily right now instead of my 89 bronco on 36s. gas is a little better in the car for some reason
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